Dry Cleaning

Our Dry Cleaning Service includes:

  • Detailing — includes preparing the garments for cleaning by measuring for blocking when required, button or ornament protection or removal, evaluating for serviceability, identifying stains for treating, inspecting for damage and loose seams, and more.
  • Stain removal — is performed by experienced professionals using both soaking and individual stain removal techniques, many of which are proprietary.
  • Cleaning — procedures include dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and hand cleaning, and utilize extensive classification, customized programs, and only the purest of solvents.
  • Hand finishing — by each of our finishing professionals is a highly specialized skill. Our finishing stations are set up to achieve the best work possible. For example, our soft wool press is specially padded to prevent shine, while cotton and linen require a firmer pad.
  • Minor repair — of loose hems, open seams, loose buttons, and replacement of missing buttons is done whenever needed.
  • Inspection — of each garment is formally performed at the individual item level and again at order completion to assure that we have provided the finest in craftsmanship and attended to your preferences. Intermediate inspections occur throughout the production process to assure, for instance, that stains have been removed and will not be set with the heat of finishing.
  • Packaging — of most garments is performed by individually protecting with a poly bag. We make extensive use of tissue, custom hangers and specially designed breathable garment bags and boxes to protect garments during storage.

Each function described above requires a great amount of experience and detailed craftsmanship.

Dry cleaning allows fabrics such as wools, polyesters and silks to be cleaned of any oils and grease without shrinkage or other distortions. These fabrics do not respond well to soap and water cleaning and may be damaged beyond repair. Also, for those stains that need a little extra attention, Porter Ranch Cleaners will spot clean those garments before dry cleaning.

Clothes do reflect the person.

Porter Ranch Cleaners staff has been carefully trained in the use of cleaning solutions for spot cleaning and will give your garments the utmost care. It’s very important to understand the strength of the cleaning solutions to be used and the tolerance of the garment before cleaning. Dry cleaning involves many different processes and our expert staff is skilled in those areas and will provide you with clean, fresh, professional-looking garments. For those areas that need special attention, Porter Ranch Cleaners will spot clean garments utilizing the most up-to-date stain removal techniques.

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