Wedding Gowns

Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your life and a day for keeping memories that you will cherish forever.

Your wedding gown should receive the same care and safekeeping as your memories.

Porter Ranch Cleaners can clean your gown to its original beauty and store it for future generations.

Porter Ranch Cleaners hand cleans your special gown, reinforces the seams, and reattaches any beads and other embellishments where needed. To prevent any damage to the fabric or dye, only an environmentally safe solution is used to clean the perspiration and other stains. Even if your family gown is poorly preserved, we can restore it, replacing missing fabric and ornamentation. In many cases, your gown can be restored to its exact, original beauty.

Professional Tailoring
Porter Ranch Cleaners is available to help with any alterations you may need for your special gown. Our professional tailors and seamstresses are available to help with replacing zippers, buttons, and raising or lowering hems. Our fitting rooms are at your disposal, and our professional staff is waiting to help in any way possible.

Cleaning and preservation

Bridal gowns represent a significant financial investment, and many brides and their families want to store and protect their gowns for future generations.

We understand the importance of preservation and restoration better than most. And we can protect and preserve your gown for the next generation of brides. Let Porter Ranch Cleaners help preserve your wedding gown and your memories.

woman wearing backless wedding gown standing in the middle of brown grass field