Wash and Fold

Want to save an entire week each month?

Studies have shown that a single spend can spend up 80 minutes per week on laundry!

This number gets a LOT bigger if you have kids or other people to take care of in the home. This starts to look something like 5 to 10 hours per week. Now we are talking serious amounts of time. Multiply this out by months and longer and we’re talking about a another career.

And this can be even worse if you have to out to a laundromat…

If you are like most people forced to work from home while caring for kids, home schooling, you name it—wouldn’t it be great to outsource your washing and folding?

That is exactly why we have our Wash and Fold service at Porter Ranch Cleaners.

Call us up.

We pick up your laundry.

We wash it, fold it and bring it back to you ready to go.


wash and fold