Shirt Laundry

Whether you bring them to us or take advantage of our Valet Service, you can rest assured that your shirts will receive the best treatment possible.

Our wet cleaning process revives color and turns a somewhat dull shirt into a shining example of perfection in garment care. Not only will you look great: The life of your garment will be maximized and returned like new.

What’s more, we add those special touches that make your day:

  • Inspection and Hand Touch-up of every shirt we clean
  • Stacked sleeves to prevent wrinkling
  • Collar support included on each shirt
  • Pre-conditioning to avoid “Ring Around the Collar”
  • Travel-Proof packaging for folded shirts
  • Vinyl Coated Hangers

Platinum® Shirt Service

  • We use an enzyme based soap that is pH skin sensitive removing all of the soils and oils without abrading the fibers and without making whites look gray and colors dull.
  • We cook fresh starch each and every day so that you experience consistency every time you allow us to clean and press your shirts.
  • Cleaners are often judged by the quality of shirts they produce and NOBODY produces a finer shirt than we do at Porter Ranch Cleaners. NOBODY!
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