Same Day Service

In by 12:00 Noon – Ready by 5

Guaranteed 99.5% of the time – the other ½% represents an item that has remaining stains that we are positive we can remove if given more time to use our professional stain removal techniques requiring the use of extended time. If we have your daytime phone – we’ll call you and let you know that we’d like to keep your item longer than promised.

How do we do this? We have our own processing plant at our locations. This means we don’t have to send your laundry out, wait for it to be done and bring it back. We handle it all right in our shops. This saves an enormous amount of time we can dedicate to pure service.

Only Porter Ranch Cleaners

Only Porter Ranch Cleaners offer this service in the Northridge/Porter Ranch area.

Other dry cleaning shops in our area are simply drop-off shops that must take your laundry out to another processing plant for cleaning.

Not only does this give us an edge on our competition, no other plants are being permitted in the Northridge/Porter Ranch in the future.